About Us

Merlin cars stand testament to the efforts of classic car producers who battled multiple constraints to create masterpieces that could withstand the adversities of daily usage and the test of time. Merlin cars are recognised for their unique feel and character and their finely-balanced mechanical structures that are all tuned together to work in perfect synchronization.

Driving a Merlin car is not about reaching a destination, but it’s about enjoying the journey. With a rich British history that dates back to the 1980s, Merlin cars instil nostalgia in their owners. Every Merlin car has a story to tell. They have enriched the lives of their previous owners by providing them with freedom and mobility at a time when very few people had the privilege of availing such amenities.

Owning a Merlin car is not about speed or efficiency, but it is about elegance, experience, individuality, and craftsmanship. We, provide the best support for your car ensuring you have the perfect Merlin experience every time you hit the road. From providing inspection and maintenance assistance to ensuring customisation of your Merlin vehicle, our team of trained technicians strives to make sure that you continue to feel the glory and pride of owning a classic car that mirrors a demonstration of design, art, engineering brilliance, and traditions.

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