Merlin TC Prototype

Merlin has commissioned the design of its new model from Moroccan designer Abdellah Boumlik and here are the design concepts he came back with. As you can see in his investigative sketches the original lines and essence of the Merlin have been maintained along with the driver position and outlook.

Merlin intends to build the new model on a Tubular Chassis¬†codenamed ‘TC’ (Tubular Chassis). This follows on from the ‘TA’ (Trans-Axle) and ‘TF’ (Type Ford). Power options are likely to be Ford ECOBoost or Plugin Electric. The aim is to keep the new vehicle very light and agile. Composites and 3D printed plastics will be used in construction but the interior will have a traditional minimalism in-keeping with Merlin’s ethos.

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