Owning a Merlin Car is not about raw performance, but elegance, experience, individuality, and craftsmanship.


Owning a Merlin car is not only about demonstrating your taste, but it is also about celebrating your life by gifting yourself a mechanical masterpiece that is recognised for its world-class appeal and engineering excellence.

Merlin is a name synonymous with glamour and pride. Driving a Merlin car is all about respecting your traditions, enjoying the beautiful outdoors, and cherishing the sheer joy of driving.

Supporting our customers is important to us and, we make sure that you have a wonderful experience with your Merlin vehicle. When you own a high-performance vehicle, you own the responsibility of specialised care and maintenance as well. We ensure that you are able to fulfil your responsibilities well and keep your vehicle in the most up-to-date condition.

Whether you are looking to customise your vehicle or you want technical assistance with regard to inspection and maintenance, our team of qualified and professionally-trained technicians will do their best to deliver customer service experience that you desire and deserve.

We provide a wide range of after-sales services including repair, refinishing, optimization, and personalisation. In other words, we can be your most trusted partner in your effort to create memories with your Merlin vehicle.

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